Questions& Answers

All rates vary according to size of the office, place , etc, the location and the type of cleaning.
You may choose a simple contract or a contract combining different services tailored to your needs.

1)How long does each visit take?
It varies depending on your floor plan and the services requested. Call us for a no obligation estimate.
2)Do I need to be there?
Only for our first visit. Someone from our company will visit you to discuss the different options available.
3)What about security?
 We take this issue very seriously. In order to be bonded by our insurance carrier personal references are thoroughly checked. Also, our management makes periodic spot checks and our personal are well paid.
4)What is the policy on tips and gratuities? 
 Tips are allowed but neither required nor requested
5)Do you provide your own cleaning supplies?
 It depends on the kind of contract you choose.
You may choose to have us supply all the necessary items or you may provide them
What if I am not satisfied with the cleaning and/or services that was perfomed?
All customers are advised to contact owner with their concerns. He can be contacted at :

Ph:   786-206-1116 or by e-mail    Fax: 786-375-5570
Toll Free : 1-855-JDL-Cleaning   

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